1 kva = how many amps?..?

kva is 1000 volt * amps

To convert from kva to amps, you'll need the voltage and the power factor.

a = (kva * 1000 * pf) / voltage
For a three phase generator, the kVA is Current times Voltage times Sqrt(3), which makes the current that can be delivered equal to the Power divided by the product of Sqrt(3) and the voltage.
For a 500kVA, 3phase generator, the line voltage should be about 415V, which should give a deliverable Amps of about 695Amps, if you work it out.
For single phases voltages (of between 220 and 230V) the Sqrt(3) vanishes from the formula.
As you already know, your useful power is your VA times 0.8.
You can't convert kva to amps.

1 kva is a measure of power. You can find some methods for convert kva into watts here:
try 1000.
va is watts.So 1kva is 1000 watts. If your voltage is 240v then the amps(current) would be 1000 divided by 240 that is approx. 4.17 amps.
1 kva = (volts X amps) /1000

It depends on your voltage.
In that KVA is a directional vector and is related to its X component and Y component of the current and supplied voltage capability, usually of a power source such as a transformer. So to know the amps capability one would have to know the Power Factor of the system along with the voltage impressed upon the transformer.. KVA is therefore "useful" power from, for example a transformer's and is a measure of its capability, and is quite different from Watts.

So to calculate the actual amps capability one would need to know the source voltage which you have not given.

Therefore, you have given insufficient information to calculate amps capability here.
1kva =1000VA

THEN. 1=1
kva means kilovolt-amps, or volts times amps divided by 1000
= (V x A) รท 1000
For a pure resistance 1kVA would be the same as 1kW as there is no reactive element.
For a pure reactance 1kVA would be the same as 1kVAr.
Devices such as motors are a combination of kW and kVAr.
The ratio between kW and kVA is known as the power factor.
For a motor this value is usually around 0.7
Hence a 7kW motor would need: 7/0.7=10kVA generator to supply it.
To work out the current you need to know the voltage and also whether it is single or 3 phase.
It means volts Times amps =1000.So if if volts acrooss the circuit = 10,000 then if vXa=1000 you will see that amps =1,000divided by 10,000=0.1amps.
kva= kilo Volt-Amps=1000*Volts*Amps. You would need to know the voltage to figure out the current.
1kva is 1kw, if this is a domestic unit for use with 230v then a rough guess would be around 4 to 5 amps.

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