Make kwh meter slow?


IF you buy enough solar panels and the right equipment for feeding it back into the mains, you can make the meter run BACKWARDS!
you need a very long extensionc cord, a shovel, and a neighbor who doesn't go outside.

At 2AM, run the extension cord to an outdoor eceptacle of your neighbor. Using a shovel, cut a slit into the earth to bury the extension cord. Connect the extension cord to your household electrical appliances that are the heaviest power users.

note: Also works the same with a hose and the water meter. i would not suggest it with a gas meter.
You want to know how to make an electric meter run slower?
Shut off unnecessary electrical loads, and replace the ones you consider essential with the most efficient types available. Shut off lighting in unoccupied spaces, and minimize the use of electric heat by using solar or other types of free energy. Use solar, natural gas or propane to heat water. To go more extreme, buy a photovoltaic system and run part of your house off that.

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