Should there be more or less exploration and mining on public lands in the United States?

We need to find every bit of fossil fuels that are available regardless of where it is. I don't trust the Arabs and I think we may need it to stay free.
Every tree hugger in America just got the feeling of thousands of trees dying, and the earth being disemboweled.

Use it all up, that's what it's there for!!!!
Less right now, we aren't in an energy or resource crises right now. Save it for later, hopefully we never have to develop these resources and the public lands can remain pristine.
society has its demands .little we can do about that and we are creating the demand in the first place,

Mining in reality has a minimal effect on the Environment ,the biggest one is agriculture followed by expanding populations and roads ,and ofcourse the contaminating effects of the cities and Industry.

Sarge is a Eco Nazi .only Christians have the deluded idea that Their god made this planet just for them to screw up.

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