Tiny bugs found in my closet hanging on clothing?

I found these real tiny bugs that look like lint balls on my clothes and they were hanging on something that look similar to a spiders web, and they were all over my clothes does anyone have any idea of what these are or a website where i can find info and how to make sure i get rid of them all. I sprayed febreeze all over inside the closet, riding of the ones i can see.

They might be moth larvae. Get some moth balls for the closet and if that doesn't do it, call and exterminator. Some of them will do free inspection and then you can just go buy some chemicals yourself.
cedar will get rid of them...but you have to take out all your clothes, wash them and scour the inside of the closet
They could be bed bugs-but, i would call a professional over to make sure.
I have news for you. Febreeze is not a pesticide. Now your closet smells good and you still have bugs.
You got a big problem on yourself. I've been fighting bugs for months. My advice is to bomb your closet close the door and walk away. Then you will have to wash everything in your closet but really try and get on top of it so it doesn't overtake the rest of your house. My mom took home some of my clothes to help me with my bugs and unfotunately she now has bugs. I can't begin to tell you how much money I have spent on this.
They are baby somethings! Seriously, they sound like they could be baby spiders, and you should stick a bug bomb in your closet and erradicate the things! Then you may Febreeze your clothing.
You could phone your local hardware store for advice, or Google "Spiders" and see if you can get a description of the pests so that you will know what you are dealing with. Good luck!
I have seen these out in our stick bushes and they are baby spiders,how they get in houses is anyone's guess ' but they do...get a insect bomb at the hardware stores any of them should have them,,,bomb the whole room with the bomb and leave the closet door open as it will kill anything in those rooms,,do another bomb in the living room just to make sure you got it all,If you have pets or kids you all have to leave the house for at least 3hours to get it done right,,,,lucky you seen them 'before they grew up,,,,good luck with your pests,,,,,

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