How can we save trees from deforestation?

simply by afforesting it
once the tree cutted where replanted it is not considered as deforestation.

banning cutting of tree is not wise one since it is not at all useful in many ways. so we have yo cut the tree and consequently planting also need.

in order to prevent the illegal deforestation activities,
legislation should be enacted strongly,
more awareness should be given from school onwards and to public also
Well, if you own the tree, the best thing to do is to watch it very carefully and if anyone comes up to it with a chainsaw or axe, stop them.

If you don't own the tree, I guess all you can do is ask whoever does own it not to cut it down. But, since it is their tree, they may ignore you.
I hate to sound like a political hack, but this is the absolute truth:

To save the environment, write to your congresspersons and other legislators at all levels, and vote for intelligent, progressive candidates that understand the world around them.

That's as politely as it can be put, I think.
Unfortunately, I don't think we can. Look at the Amazon. The people there decide they need the land to grow crops and also there is the greed of other people wanting the wood. Unfortunately yet again it's another problem in the world which is all about money
Many of the natural resource issues can be helped through education. Education is the key to everything. You may also want to contact you local and state and national senators and representatives. They are supposed to be listening to you and your beliefs. You are their constituents so talk to them; it is their job to listen to you and your concerns!
next to impossible

expanding populations and expanding farming ,that has to keep pace with the expanding populations are very strong forces that encroach upon the rainforest's
clearing them for farming and settlement areas .

In Mexico is a famous jungle that the Media has been trying to save for years
the Naturists ,and the government ,keep watch .laws are made for protection the wild and to forbid logging.
TV put out a series of documentaries
there are campaigns in the News papers
and all of this has not made the slightest difference

Rainforest's always are in third world countries and always in third world countries corruption and the need for money s highest

the jungle gets smaller by the day
more and more farmers move in .and burn the trees
it is an impossible situation
as long as there is poverty in these regions the destruction will continue
the motivating factor is money but just think upvc has cut the demand for timber down considerably for the last 20 years
Don't cut 'em down.

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