Why would fathers rape their own daughters?

Dear dieties. I just learned today that another friend was raped by her father. So 2 girls that has happened to that I know and care for.

Girl L- Father raped her in middle school. L guesses it was because the mom was devorcing the dad, so he did it in revenge for all the fighting. Which I think is utter BS.

Girl M- Father raped her in 10th grade, lacking details.

Please note, these are the BLOOD Fathers!!

Who...Why.Whatever would make a blood father rape their daughter. I understand alot of reasons for rape and non of them quite fit and I'm still confused.

Oh well what are peoples opinion on this?

Sometimes men have a hard time discerning the difference between loving something and LOVING something. It is a horrible atrocity and I personally think they should be taken out back and shot.
'Cause they're mentally ill.
Because people are freaken disgusting.
maybe the girls were sexy
sick sick bastards kill em all sick sick the worst kind so deppressing but it happens my mom was one and ill kill him if i ever see him
They are sick, but not so sick they aren't responsible for their choices... Castration via a vegetable peeler sounds about right to me.
I think they're probably mental.
Because some people are just fu*ked up. These people should be given the death penalty as should child molesters.
They have problems with their lives and are depressed..So soon, after years of depression and problems, they turn mental and lethal..
Plain and simple.because they are crazy in the head. There is no other reason.
The Dads are mad. That is unthoughtful, even if their marrige is breaking up, There is no reason to do that. And why take it out on his child.
Hi, There isn't a good reason for a father to rape his own daughter. These fathers need to be hang up side down and they Balls need to be cut off so they can never do something some terrible to their daughter again. The fathers have cripple this girls and they will always have some kind of hang-up about sex and some may never have sex after being raped by their fathers. This kind of abuse and wanting to please themselves makes me sick and sad at the same time. Totally Totally Sicking!
PLEASE read the Bible. There is no evil not explained in this wonderfully insightful book. IF you say, "No, I don't care what the Bible has to say on the subject," then you are left to explain in secular terms what is in truth NOT secular. It becomes folly, like trying to explain an alternative origin of man using no God and no creation in your explanation.

As Dr. Phil says, "How's that working for you?"
As law enforcement, I tell you only a couple of things about people. Just when you thought it couldnt get worse, it will. Some people just lack a wheel somewhere up in that head and they do not put morality in their decision making process. Some would say its a mental illness. I dont really think thats the whole thing but I do agree that has a little to do with it. Bottom line is murderers, rapists, molestors, and child abusers just do not feel remorse, they act and then worry about consequences later. They might apologize afterward but they arent really sorry, they are just controlling the situation for the next instance they decide that what they want is more important than the damage they are preparing to do. In my experience we all have the capability to be monsters, some of us suppress it with our morals and values, and common decency. Others just accept they are evil and are unwilling to change for anyone. Ive seen it time and time again. The only thing you can do about this situation is console your friends that have been hurt and hope that you make a difference in their recovery.
Something is going very wrong in our society. The men are feeling helpless and frightened. The only way they can prove that they are men and powerful in any way is to dominate those weaker and less powerful. Daughters, unfortunately, are their nearest prey.

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