I often have dreams about elephants. why?

alot of my dreams consist of elephants stomping on things or mereley standing in the background. i really have no relations with elephants. they have never been one of my favorite animals, nor one of my familys. i have a bit of an idea of what they might mean because once i my ipod was lost or stolen(i dont know which) and i had dreams about elephants stomping on me or my ipod. the next day my ipod was returned to me and in my dreams that night i was riding ontop of the elephant or standing on it. i really dont get why its elephants. can u try to explain why i have re-occurring dreams of elephants?

To see an elephant in your dream, signifies that you are laying a solid groundwork for wealth and success. You hold a position of honor and dignity. If the elephant was wild or untamed, than it indicates tyranny and uncontrollable forces.

To see many elephants in your dream, symbolizes tremendous prosperity, strength, power, memory, and intellect. Elephants also possess an introverted nature which may describe your personality.

To dream that you are feeding an elephant, denotes that you will elevate yourself in your community through your kindness.

To dream that you are riding on the elephant, signifies good news from afar and your future travel plans will be fruitful. But to dream that you fell off while riding it, signifies that enemies are looking to harm you.
Because elephants are awesome. That's about it. :)
Maybe that means your destiny is to be an elephant trainer?
They are a sign of good luck!
maybe that is because you have a fave animal and its the elephant and you dont know it.
Seeing an elephant in your dream, suggests that you either need to be more patient and understanding of others. The elephant is also a symbol of power, strength, and intellect. Alternatively, as a creature with an introverted nature, the elephant may thus be depicting your own personality. Dreaming that you are riding an elephant indicates that you are in control of your unconscious and aspects that you once were afraid of.
Hi Miss Priss

You have recurring dreams about elephants because you have recurring dreams about elephants.

Why, and what does this mean?

Firstly, there are something like 6,000,000,000 people in the world all having 3-4 dreams a night, on average, and there might be several storylines in each dream.

So wouldn't it be kind of utterly incredible if, in all those dreams, and regardless of

- age
- sex
- where the person lives
- what's going on in the person's life
- etc.

each item in their dreams only had a single meaning for ALL 6 BILLION PEOPLE?


Anyone with a reasonable imagination could invent an interesting explanation for what the elephants signify, but look at the DIFFERENT answers you've already received. Does it look like there is a single "right" answer?

The purpose of dreams, as far as we understand them, is to process the vast amount of information that comes in through your senses each day whilst you're awake.

On this basis the "meaning" of our dreams is simply that we are making sense of information which previously didn't have a "meaning", for us, because it hadn't been processed so as to fit into our mental maps of the world (all your existing beliefs, ideas, values, etc.).

Given this purpose, there will always be something in each dream, though we may not remember it, which ties the dream to recent "real life" events. However most of the things which appear in our dreams may have nothing to do with what has been happening in our life just before the dream occurs. Things can appear in a dream that have been part of the dreamer's memories as far back as they first started forming memories - or anytime in between then and now.

Nor do the things in your dreams have to be obviously related to each other. Like I said, dreaming is a process of finding/making meaning, and the brain can draw from anywhere in its huge store of memories in order to carry out that process.

By the way, there is nothing random about this process, but your subconscious mind can come up with connections that your conscious mind would never dream of (!), which is why dreams often seem pretty weird. Like having herds of elephants stomping on things or mereley standing in the background.

So when, if ever, you happen to notice you're having what seems like a weird dream in future you can literally rest assured that everything is OK. Your brain is actually doing, with great skill, one of the many jobs it was designed to do
maybe god is trying to show you something, or maybe you will encounter something with elephants soon and you need to be aware
i don't know but it's strange that you can't remember.........

the meaning, i mean.
Dreams are just part of the subconscious. It's really hard to determine where they are coming from and how to interpret them. It's such a mystery that people can only take guesses as to what they may mean. I picked up a book once called 1001 dreams interpretated. It gives you a better understanding as to why you may be having these dreams. Look up Sigmund Freud on the internet and see if you can find anything on his dream interpretations.
dude man girl thing, i will tell you the ways of the elephant. naturally when an elephant is hornee, it will enter your dreams and when it does that, it feels satisfied because you see the only way elephants have $ex, is by entering a humans dreams. so now you are pregnant with about 3 elephants. good luck my child and remember to wear a bathing cap next time.
Is there a reason your iPod was stolen? Not too sure, but I found this link in my sources, the reason I raise that point is the link says elephants may represent a large burden, and since the elephants were stomping on your iPod... hmm...
dont watch sesame street..
elephants mean luck
Maybe you're afraid of getting fat & sitting on your ipod & breaking it.

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