Why do guys have bad handwriting and girls have pretty hand writing?

That is usually true, but not all of the time. Is there a reason?

Very interesting question! I don't know the answer, but I tried to find some sites that could help..

I found:
Something that really caught my eye in this article was the line "Girls practice signing their signatures." That was so true! I remember one day in 5th/6th grade that me and my friend spent like an hour (and had fun doing it!) just practicing our signature and other peoples signatures.

This site was also cool because it showed handwriting examples of what masculine, androgynous, and feminine handwriting might look like. My handwriting looks like it is more androgynous than feminine!

Interesting question. Maybe it has something to do with motor skills when learning to write. Maybe it is because girls take more time in writing gracefully? As to not make a mistake?
I think it has to do with the female hormones... if you ever noticed, gay guys seem to have much better handwriting then do straights... I really think it's hormonal !!!
In order for it to have generality it must be true all of the time. Make sure you're not suffering from BANU CULHA
I think it's because guys tend to not really care how they write ot what it looks like, and just want tpo get the assignment doen. While girls enjoy doing fun hand writing (heartsa, flowers, and corations) and want to finish the assignment with decorations. I think it's a matter of if you care or not.
You are wrong.
Guys are usually busy making a living instead of gossiping to their friends therefore they don't get as much practice with such meaningless activities
girls care more? I'm a girl and I have awful awful handwriting. that's why I use the internet. :)
I don't know, but you certainly make a strong case for more women becoming doctors.
I think its cause guys just dont care when it comes to writing.
Some men (guys) whichever you prefer to call them do have very stylish and nice hand-writting. Most men don't however because they just want to hurry up and write what they're writting. They don't really care if it's sloppy as long as it's written. Ever notice your bf will have totally attrotious (horrible) writting on a homework assignment, but when he's just writting his feelings to you he attempes to write it clearer? (even some writting in caps or typing so it's easily read) This isn't true if they feel obligated to write back to you but it is true if they are just writting to express their thoughts or feelings. Men even tend to write better when they're writting a grocery list instead of something they HAVE to write. It's all a matter of wether you enjoy what ur doing or you just wanna get it done with already!
Actually my husband has better hand writing than I do.
When he changes jobs and has to fill out insurance forms
they ask him if his wife filled it out for him.
because females are usually more obsessed with how things look more then men.

That can be because its a cultural influence in women to be that way more than for men

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