If anger brings out the truth, why do we later regret & say we didn't really mean the words?

Because the truth can hurt reeeeaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyy bad!
Hahaha damn good question, I would say because when we are angry harsh things come out not usually the root of the problem.
Anger doesn't necessarily bring out the truth. It can bring out the things that we know for certain will hurt the other person's feelings. It's a way of pushing the buttons that we know will hurt the other person when we're mad at them.
because usually the truth hurts and we really don't mean to hurt people
anger doesn't always bring out the truth. Words can be said that aren't meant but to hurt the other person. Defense is more like it. Is why feel reget later when wasn't really meant at all, was just to hurt the other person.
Because anger doesn't necessarily bring out the truth but rather a temporary emotion that once vented and thought better of results in a more objective point of view. As in a child screaming at a mother, "I hate you!" And a zillion other similar examples.
You are absolutely right. I rarely regret what I said in anger - but always find myself trying to smooth things over to make peace. I guess it is because the desire to be liked and approved of is stronger than the desire to be right all the time.
Truthfully as an adult I have never said anything I didn't mean or wouldn't have said otherwise.

Have you ever wonder which hurts the most, "saying something and wishing you had not or saying nothing and wishing you had"
The truth hurts, but mostly we regret and say we didn't mean it only bcuz we are afraid of the truth. we r afraid that we will hurt others or ourselves by telling the truth.
Speaking in emotions regret is the emotion that comes after anger. If we didn't get so upset and angry with ourselves or other people then we would have nothing to regret. And what would you have asked if regret had never exsited.Right!
alcohol brings out the truth girly. drunk words are sober thoughts.
anger brings out a load of emotions that we don't know how to control. so we begin to defend ourselves in a manner that is hurtful. we say the first thing that comes to mind without thinking of the repercussions. we let our body control our thoughts with the adrenaline rushing through our body and our breathing becomes faster along with heart rate as well as our thought process being clouded.
anger is a horrible emotion. i think it carries too much around with it.
I don't believe anger brings out the truth. Therefore, you apologize because you say things you don't mean.
You can be nice and truthful or you can be hurtful and truthful. People who are nice have friends and people who are hurtful don't have friends. Usually anger and truth together is the mean kind, which is why we regret the way we said things later. You still might mean the intent or opinion of what you said, you just regret hurting another human being.
because we were not able to plan the words we say and we end up just blurting out words with the INTENT (though sometimes might be unconscious) to hurt that person by blaming them and finding their fault and shoving it in their faces.... and that could be very damaging to a relationship, since that person got hurt, that person will try to somehow redeem himself and get back to you by saying words which he/she thinks can equally hurt you or even more.... We shouldn't speak at all when we are angry because its true that we, most of the time, regret what is said in anger. When we really want to say the truth, we should say it in a more appropriate manner and with the right words that is not meant to attack the person you're saying it too...the intent should be to improve that person.
Because when we say something out of anger, we tend to be impulsive. Anger is an emotion that wants to be direct and even physcial. Unless we know how to control it, we can get careless with it. Our ego is really taking over during this time so that it can be right. We wrong others to satisfy our egos, but the cost can be tremendous. We are then stuck with the reprocussions. It's human that we do this.

The best way to avoid situations of saying things we regret later, is to make a promise to ourselves to wait until we have cooled down before speaking out. If we can master that, then we've moved a mountain. It's a simple request, but a difficult task. With practice you can overcome this challenge.
because anger is a powerful emotion that when you're angry you want to hurt other peoples feelings. it's like being blinded by anger. but when you calmed down, you realized that you were overpowered by anger and felt remorseful afterwards. that's why anger should be dealt with accordingly.
the truth doesn't always means it's right or moral or correct. the truth could hurt, the truth could be placed wrongly in different situations.
I think it doesn't always happen that way, in what you said about "saying the truth when you're angry". Sometimes, when people are angry, yes partly they say what they really think and/ feel but they're too carried away from their emotions that they often say things that are often below the line from the border line. Like sometimes when I'm really angry, I tend to say more and more to the extent that the things I say becomes invalid anymore. I so wanted to hurt the person that I say and say more hurtful things to him/her just to make that person feel more hurt than what I was feeling in that moment. So I guess that's why when angry people become a bit sober, they would take back what they said because they know for themselves that they were too carried away and was over reacting.
if we are remorseful about what we said in a light of anger,its a sign that we dont really mean to hurt others feelings.usually words are magnify by the situation itself.btw sometimes its the truth that brings anger to some people.

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