What does it mean when a person talks to themselves a lot?

They could be responding to auditory hallucinations, or just trying to sort out something in their mind.

Sometimes it helps to say out loud what is bothering you, or to "rehearse" a meeting, to get it clear in your head. I do it all the time & I don't think I'm crazy.
That depends...are they answering their own questions?
That they are highly intelligent.
the first sign of madness lol

but maybe they find their thoughts too controlling or something or have to let them out? or it could be a hint if they want someone else to listen?
outloud? they're usually nuts.
But in your mind, everyone does it..and if not, they should, instead of tuning into distractions (video games, music etc..) they should be tuning into their thoughts and feelings.
It might mean they're very interesting. If they argue with themselves, however, it could indicate psychpathology.
They say what their thinking.
I talk to myself a lot >.> But only when there's no one around. It helps me organize my thoughts a little better. I know a few other people who do it around others for the same reason so it really depends. If they're just mumbling some thoughts to themselves while they're doing something they're probably just trying to organize what's going on in their head. If they're having actual discussions and/or arguments with themselves then they may be schizophrenic or a bit crazy in some other way.

Most, but not all, people have an inner conversation with their self, but it is usually not out loud where everyone else can hear.
Thinking is memory, and that conversation that we have within our head is what we call thinking. They could be thinking out loud because they are so absorbed in their thoughts that they are not aware that they are actually speaking. It could indicate a pathological condition, or perhaps they are just wired differently because they were raised in a different culture, i.e., one that does not think it unusual to think out loud.
Have you ever approached this person and asked them a question? Did they respond with normal conversation, or did they ignore you and keep on conversing with their self? If the latter, they are probably having mental problems of some kind, if the former, it is probably just a personal quirk they exhibit.
hahahahahah i do that A LOT. mostly in private though. like when i'm in the bathroom...i just talk about my day and how it was. it's like a minitherapy. i try to organize my life by talking to myself. and i really do believe i'm not crazy. nor does anyone consider me to be..so it's all good..
It's usually because the two hemispheres of the brain are trying to connect with one another (normally regarding any questions it is trying to solve) and it comes out inadvertantly through a self-conversation. When people talk in their sleep it is a similar process, the left and right halves trying to establish communication, it doesn't really mean much.
It's only a problem if they answer themselves
Well, I guess you could say one is a little tweaked. Although I do talk to myself.

"Now I come in here after something, what he H E L L was it?"

"Where'd I leave my keys, where'd I leave my keys, where'd I leave the keys........

Vocally list the ingredience to a recipe as I add them.

And sometimes I wonder if I am talking to the cat or if it for my own benefit.

Yes, sometimes I answer myself but we don't get out of hand.

Me, myself & I talk to each other all the time. We are great company for each other. LOL
uh oh, these answers are making me worry about my sanity.

i argue out loud with myself to help make up my mind (i give my best arguement in pro of something, then my best arguement in con of it, then take an objective view and decide which arguement is the most convincing) and i do it out loud because sounds and everything else distracts me when i try to just think it. and out loud help add some reality to the arguement
they are either jut kinda kooky like me or if it is all the time they are inasane
hahahahaha,,,,,,,,,,that person is CRAZY!!
try asking yourself and then answer aloud.
It means this is the only way they can have an intelligent conversation!! (With themselves!!).
if they answer themselves they may be in need of psychotherapy.if the talking is muttering ( I do this alot) there is probably no problem. this is a way to organize thoughts and solve house hold mysteries "were did i put the remote,weres that flipping remote, lets see, couch.no chair no,hmmmm ahah under the table" it works
They should find some one who would listen to them once in a while.

Perhaps they feel they will get the message or thought they are trying to get through to them self better if they say it out loud.
Most people would call that person crazy,BUT I think its a lack of self consciousness which can cause paople to think out loud without even realising,this is something that only the individual can fix by being more self awared by training themselves to stop thinking out loud so regularly-this process takes time and alot of committment.There is only one other explanation and that is- the person has a lack of friends!
I prsonally think that a person that talks to themselves on a constant basis just needs to vent , and the only way that they can get it out is by talking to themselves. there ie absolutely nothing wrong with it.
your opinion is the only one worth listening to.
not a thing. People talk to themselves when they are alone a lot, to keep their vocal cords and speech intact, sometimes to clarify what they need (as when you talk to yourself out loud your brain hears what you're saying and responds quicker), and even some people talk to themselves (almost like talking on the cellphone in a crowd) to draw attention to themselves. It's no big deal.

If you're noticing that a lot about a person who is near you, then maybe it's YOU they are talking to.

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