I think my husband plays head games with me. Why?

I feel like I am crazy. He lies to me straight to my face and he denies stuff a lot. He makes me believe that he is telling the truth. He makes me question my own sanity. Like, did I see/hear that or not? Know what I mean? I have a hard time putting it into words so bear with me, please. I feel like he plays mind games with me. What makes someone do that? And why the hell am I still with him??

There are some who would say he does what he does because he can, because you allow him. I would say he plays these insidious games to control you and I would say you are still with him because it is very painful to admit even to yourself that you made a mistake unless other areas of the marriage still function.
The worst is that an adult person who treats you like an enemy cannot be relied upon to tell you the truth even if you asked him.
The questions you will need to answer now is:
Have you the right to be happy with the person you are married to?
And the answer of course is yes, then are you happy with this man?
If he's doing this HE'S the one with the head problems. Probably wouldn't do any good but I'd tell him he's needs some spiritual & professional help. DO NOT stay in such an abusive relationship!.
such kind of person is abusive and can be dangerous later on. i'm not trying to scare you but i can tell. if you are starting to question your sanity right now, the problem is just starting. he will be doing this to you to drive you crazy. so please take care of yourself.
He is manipulating you to make the relationship the way he wants it. You are right. Why are you still with him? There is no trust and no respect. You should never be with someone who makes you feel less than the best you can be. And never be with anyone who disrespects you. Respect yourself. Move on and be happy.
He is manipulating you for his own advantage....and you are letting him because you do not believe you do not deserve it.
You married an abusive man. Passive aggressive. He appears to be a real charmer to others, to you, he treats you like you haven't a penny in the jar. So...you have to ask yourself the sad, but classic question. Are you enjoying yourself? No? Then get out of this one way relationship. NO one does this to someone they love. He knows what he's doing and he is enjoying himself. He likes torturing you, it's a form of control. This is abuse. You don't get even, you get mad and you move out. File for divorce and get some counseling for yourself, because, you married this clown...you need to find out why...so you can have a relationship with a loving, wondeful person who actually gives a rip about you and what you think. Just an opinion.
What you just said reminded me of an old movie with Ingrid Bergman. Its called Gaslight. Anyway her husband played head games with her too but he was after some jewels.. long story.
Anyway whatever head games is trying to play is because he sees you as a weak individual. You need to build your self esteem, maybe see a counselor. It doesnt mean that there is anything wrong with you. Its something wrong with him. He's manipulating you.
He could have Borderline Personality disorder or at least some features. People with this tend to be pathological liars.
You're husband doesnt have the power to play head games with you. You are playing head games with yourself. You know what's going on, and you know the truth, you also know why your still with him. People are afraid of change, not just because they fear failure, but they also fear success. You may be afraid to leave him because if you do succeed, you may not be able to live up to that success and come crashing down. The reason that you are still with him is because your content. You're situation isn't bad enough for you to leave, therefore; you are still able to function. Just be true to yourself, and you will choice the right path.

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