What do you think about interacial dating??

I'm a 28 year old black female.I dress classy and my boyfriend is caucasian and he's 43 year old.He dress like a hippie.I'm his first(black female)I have 2 question.
1) If you saw a couple like us what you'd you think?
2)How do i answer his questions without being defensive( he ask questions about my hair,food and my culture)

I honestly think most people don't look at interracial dating as a big thing anymore; it's more about the age difference now--which, I have to admit, exists in your relationship. People would be more likely to notice the 15-year age difference than the difference in color. So, to answer your questions, I think the first thing people would think about is the age gap. If you want to answer his questions without being defensive, just realize that he's trying to break that race barrier that many people believe exists in interracial relationships. He wants to learn about your culture in order to better understand you. You can also do the same, if you want. But a better understanding of your companion's culture leads to a better understanding of your companion.
Well I sure don't question why they are together, the only question in all honesty is what their families think of it? I just wondering if their families opposed it or support it. I'm more interested in what other people think of them than what I think of them.
I wouldn't think anything.As far as him asking you questions about your culture he's trying to get to know you and what you like answer him honestly and don't stress the little stuff like color.
he asks questions because he is interested in you. loving someone who looks different, it 's wonderful. It means that your heart looks for what's beyond. But asking questions on yahoo denote that you're not comfortable with it!
1) I would think you two must be blessed that fate had your lives intertwined. :)

2) If you trust him, and he does you, you have a bond of understanding. With this, he can confide in you in anything, feeling confident that you understand his curiosity. He is probably simply curious and interested with your culture, and if you give him a sensible and straight answer, he is bound to be astonished and relieved you trust him in his questioning.

Hope that helps...! :)
i think that the person each individual chooses to date is their own business and that I would have no problem seeing a couple such as you and your boyfriend.
In the case of his questions, understand that In my opinion, he is trying to get to know you and your culture better and that it is a good intentioned attempt to be a better mate to you. Even if what he says comes out awkwardly, I think he is probably genuinely trying to relate better.
I would think what's that cute young woman doing with an old hippy?

just kidding. don't worry about what we think...what do you think? Are you worried this is just an "experiment" on his part? Does he ask offensive questions or just things any middle aged white boy might wonder?
I myself don't have any issue with interracial dating. I think we probably all rocked out of the African cradle at some point and so the concept of interracial dating is almost silly because technically we are all of the same race-the human one. Why be defensive? When I talk about someone from another culture I am VERY curious about the details. Is he being condescending?
It's so normal seeing members of different races dating!
When he asks questions, just answer him! Show him different things, ask him to accompany you to events/restaurants related to your culture. Bring him to a hair appt to see how black women have their hair treated...of course that is if he is willing to go!
Have fun with it! Ask him about his culture and background.
Carry on I don't even notice anything weird in all that - couples are couples :)
ans 1) I would think,wow, interesting, so open-minded.

ans 2) be defensive , there's nothing wrong, ur hair must be okay, the way it should be, u have a food and culture talk about it,If there's something u dont agree bout in ur culture tell it so, n for which u do, tell it so.

( Both ur questions r about what the other people will think of u)
I have nothing against interracial dating. In fact, it's so common nowadays. I myself am full asian and am also dating a full Italian guy. To me, it shouldn't matter the race, the personality is what counts.
If I did see you two together walking down a street or something, I wouldn't think anything different. You guys are in love and the difference in race really shouldn't matter.
Your guy is just curious and wants to know everything and anything about you. You're his sweetheart and couples are supposed to be open with each other and not ashamed about telling their partner everything.
Just answer his questions as best as you can and be patient. He might need to get a little used to your answers. But, if he does start asking personal questions that makes you uncomfortable, politely tell him it's enough for now. You can even be straightforward and say, "I don't feel comfortable answering those questions right now, maybe later."

I hope this helped =]]
I think it's hot. I never had the opportunity to date a black chick, but I would have if given the chance. You can't be defensive when answering his questions. He's not trying to offend you, he's just curious. If you're constatnly on the defensive, you will get annoyed with him and it won't work out.
1) I think it's beautiful. I love to see people of different cultures and races united.

2) Well, why would you be defensive? He obviously takes an intrest in your culture and that's really cool. Be proud and open of who you are and willing to share stuff with an open mind. His intentions are not to belittle.

You might want to consider the whole age difference thing though before you guys get too serious!

But despite that, best of luck to you both!
First off feelings don't have a color! If you like someone, you should like them for who they are and not the complexion of their skin. If i saw you guys i wouldn't think anything out of the norm. I want to date someone of a different race but i don't know how to approach the situation. With his questioning at least you know he's not being ignorant. He's being inquisitve and there's nothing wrong w/that. I'd say this: if both of you are comfortable w/ur situation, who cares what anyone else thinks. Do you and enjoy your life.
I would say isnt she pretty and where did she get that great dress and he is relaxed with his clothing style and why in the name of God would you be defensive about talking about your hair which is gorgeous I am sure, your food is yummy and your culture is great your music is the best. There you go. All you need to know. I am sure you are not black but white and male. A black female would have enough pride to ask a racist filled yahoo questions and answers how to talk about her own self. Come on. You are transparent.

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