Can you tell me about Asperger's Syndrome and IQ?

I have Asperger's and I keep being told that many people with the disorder have high IQs, but the only figures given are 'above 70'. I'd like to know exactly what percentages of people with Asperger's have IQs above 100, 120, 140 etc. (And preferably on which test, as I've been through the Cattell B and WAIS tests and would like to know where I fit in). Are very high IQs very common in Asperger's or is this just something the media present?

Unfortunately, you're not going to get a specific answer to your question--the research really hasn't been done and what has been done is questionable. Within the literature and science on pervasive developmental disorders the debate is raging between diagnosing Asperger's, PDD NOS, and high functioning autism. A careful examination of the criteria of Asperger's and PDD NOS reveals that they're for all purposes the same leading some diagnosticians to diagnose one or the other making comparisons difficult.

Long story short, given roughly 75% of individuals with autism also meet criteria for mental retardation, my guess would be that most individuals with Asperger's (defined as either that, PDD NOS, or high functioning Autism) would be in the average range of IQ (80-120) given they don't fit into the 75% who have more severe intellectual impairments (think high functioning autism) and given that part of the criteria for the disorder is that the individual does not have cognitive or communicative delays.
i have aspergers and also a very high IQ most of the people i chat with on the forum i use are the same
Above 70 is not that significant above 110 is. Asperger's students in my experience do tend to have high IQs however they lack common sense and sociability and this isolates them. If you have aspergers you probably know this already. Experience has also shown me that people with Aspergers are loyal, funny and exceedingly trustworthy
I know a guy who probably has this syndrome. Total social ineptitude. But he's pretty smart. Fun to hang out with until he starts repeating everything he's already said a 100 times before.

Anyone wondered though, if it's being seen backwards in some cases. Perhaps more intelligent people choose not to communicate with most people because most people are stupid.

That's the choice I've made.
Phobia doc is correct in that the research has not been done to specifically answer your question.

The reason why you hear "above 70" so much is because an IQ of 70 is the cutoff for diagnosing Mental Retardation (along with other factors). It used to be that the majority of people with autism (about 75%) were also diagnosed with Mental Retardation. However, this is not true anymore, and so when you hear the words "high IQ," many times what people really mean is "not mentally retarded."

I can tell you based on my own experience that people with Asperger's Disorder tend to have IQ's falling anywhere from the "low average" (IQ scores from 80 to 89) to "superior" (up to 135 on the Wechsler scales, the WAIS-III and the WISC-IV). The majority of people that I have tested with Asperger's Disorder (not autism, not PDD-NOS) have had IQs falling in the average range - which makes sense, given the fact that 67% of the general population falls in the average range anyway.

It's important to remember that intelligence is a concept that is not clearly defined... there are many theories of intelligence, and standard IQ tests only measure a small part of that.
Most people with aspergers that I have met are pretty bright. I have aspergers and he last time my IQ was officially checked in school it was 125. That might even be considered low by some standards. The only thing I have heard in a generalized way was that most aspies are average to above average IQ. I think the whole point is that an aspie by definition has high functioning autism. If they weren't high functioning, they'd just have regular autism.

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