Is there a difference between being afraid and being scared?

just wondering...kinda random, but yeah...

im not smart and im 13 but i think scared is something ur faced with. something right next to u. and afraid is something coming. idk tho just a guess.
Maybe. Perhaps being afraid is a longer experience, and being scared is instantaneous? BOO! = scared. Walking through a dark forest alone, = afraid.
Well, you can also say "I'm afraid not" which is more a feeling of worry, concern or insecurity. To be scared is to have actual fear or fright.
I think if someone suddenly without warning jumps out from behind a door wearing a Freddy Krueger mask, it would scare you. But you would be afraid to walk down a dark street alone at midnight.
filled with fear or apprehension <afraid of machines> <afraid for his job>
2 : filled with concern or regret over an unwanted situation <I'm afraid I won't be able to go>
3 : having a dislike for something <afraid of hard work>

to fill, esp. suddenly, with fear or terror; frighten; alarm.
–verb (used without object) 2. to become frightened: That horse scares easily.
–noun 3. a sudden fright or alarm, esp. with little or no reason.
4. a time or condition of alarm or worry: For three months there was a war scare.
No, but generally the word scared is used when the onset is quick, while being afraid is used for something less sudden. Like I'm afraid to get married as opposed to, I got scared when I woke up and realised what my new wife looked like in the morning
Not much difference.
there is bit of distant.
afraid means something like that u dont want to other knows.or from others like u r friends parents dont broke ur hear !Some thing like that just u dont want to happen.u r afraid of it.
scared means like u have seen a ghost.
I think that they are different. When I am scared of something, I simply feel apprehensive about the situation. When I'm afraid, I have feelings of terror and "fright".

Here are two examples:

1. I have arachnophobia. Spiders are the most frightening thing of the planet for me. I sweat, scream, cry, feel nauseous, my pulse quickens, my heartbeats very quickly, almost to the point of heart palpitations.

2. I have trust issues. I also have a hard time letting people in. I don't have any physiological symptoms, but I just feel somewhat apprehensive. What should I do? What is the best possible choice? What choice should I make that will give me optimum results?

Hope this gives you some insight.
Being afraid is something that you carry with you for a longer period of time that is not so harmful, you are afraid of the dark. Being scared is when something is very startling it put's you in fear! Like being scared of a certain dog because of what it has done to you biting you etc, so you stay away as the sight of him could put you in shock! He may have bitten you and harmed you badly, so you are scared of him every time you hear his name or see him! So naturally you stay away from him.

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