Can a mentally retarded person pass a driving test there first try?Witout any help?Serious answers only plz!?

i dont see why not bc i learned in psychology that they can learn just like other people with the right training and education. i wouldnt be surprised if that person passed the first time. just study hard!
Yes, it's completely possible. Many mentally retarded people are high functioning and can do most things that a "normal" person could do. It may take them a little bit longer to learn to drive, but if they learned before they attempted to take their driving test it's completely possible that they could pass on the first attempt.
There are people with Down's Syndrome that are very mildly retarded (I think it's called 'high functioning') and they not only can drive, but can and do have professional careers.

I read a piece in Time or Newsweek of a young woman who was a school teacher. She was beautiful and confident and had just gotten married. Good for her!
There are several levels of retardation. I'm sure this person took to studying for the test seriously and put the time into it. Your regular Joe may think he's just too smart- he knows it all and SPLAT, fails it.
yea sure why not? I was watching a korean show and it was about a mentrally retarded man driving a car. The car was changed up bit for him to be able to drive it. But i can tell you that he is a really good driver probably more better than some of the drivers in the roads today.
Just because that person is developmentally delayed does not me he or she can not pass a drivers test. My niece is DD and she passed both her written and driver test the say day!

Yes they can
of course! just because someone might be mentally retarted, that doesnt mean they cant learn. what advice i would have to give to you is to tell them to study maybe a little harder. i am not a MR person... and i failed the first time.. lol. even if they dont pass the 1st time.. just try harder before they take it again.

god bless
dont ever let people discourage you
all sorts of things happen. I got a half-wit cousin who had water on the brain. and at 25 he still aint really with it.and he has held a job and drives, but wonders why he should roll up the windows if the doors are locked! also he will pass on a soda during dinner and then want to take one home for tomorrow,?? like it is a "store credit" yeah he dont get it. and anyway. ya need a lieceeeennnse to drive, but anyone who can find the hole can breed... its a mad,mad,mad, world.
I believe they can, it all depends on their handicapps. You should always study and have friends let you drive in an(empty) parking lot for practice. Be confident and you can do so many things

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