I drink with pinky finger out, naturally I don't try to do it intentionally?

what do that mean

You're a priss, but that's ok.
it is natural for women to do this.i do it too
I do it also, I didn't think it meant anything.
I have no idea but I do the samething. Lets just say were high class people how does that sound?
my grandfather did this and my gramma thought he was so refined. but it turned out it wasn't by concious choice it was just how his hand held the cup. kinda like you... maybe it is how you balanced the cup as a kid?
It's a bit naff, years ago it was supposed to be quite posh, but now it's seen as pretentious
It just means that you are sophisticated. that's what i tell myself at least. (i do the same thing)
aren't you proper :)
i do it too.

it's proper etiquette... i think i remember it from cotillion class (all those classes teaching you how to act like a gentleman/lady)

these classes..

very prissy, but sure tahts fine.
It is fairly common among many people. It may have to do with the nerves in the hand or perhaps something in the gene pool. It is the same with me. So can we say that we are "naturally" classy people!?! lol..
its quite normal. i do it sometimes when i drink tea in a cup.
It means that you have a nerve that is like mine...when you put you finger on the glass that your bone of your finger goes the other way...out..but don't worry it happens to me too...
i seem to do it too. i think it means we belong in a psycho ward.
I do it too. But I don't think it means anything.
I do it to! and believe me i'm not refined, high class or anything like that, it just happens, i don't notice it.
I don't think it means anything, so don't worry about it!
it means you have "class".
Pinky fingers are overrated! I extend my pinky finger too, does this make me feminine? I extend my pinky under the can and my thumb over it and drink it like it is mug.
I hope this helps you out a bit!

The little finger, often called the pinky in American English (from the Dutch word pink, meaning little finger), is the most ulnar and usually smallest finger of the human hand, opposite the thumb, next to the ring finger. It is also called the fifth finger, the baby finger, or the fourth finger colloquially.

A pinky promise (also known as a pinky swear) is made when a person wraps one of their pinky fingers around the other person's pinky and makes a promise. Traditionally, it's considered binding, and the idea was originally that the person who breaks the promise must cut off his pinky finger. In a similar vein, among members of the Japanese yakuza (gangsters), the penalty for various offenses is removal of parts of the little finger (known as yubitsume).

Also in Japan, holding up a pinky while speaking of two people signifies that they are in a relationship. In China, if one holds up a little finger at another, it is usually considered vulgar, just as holding up a middle finger in the United States and other countries is generally regarded as offensive. In addition, in the United States, wearing a ring on the pinky finger has some symbolic meaning. The pinky finger is the relationship finger. If you wear a ring on the pinky finger, you are open and loving.

In Korea, The story goes: A princess chooses her prince to be wed, when asked what finger she was holding out. She must find a Prince to unite Pinkys for their matrimony. After the Princess had gotten married with this prince, he later parted ways for war and he'd made a pinky promise for his return. On the 49th day after his disappearance, he came back, but only to realize he came back as a ghost. As the prince kept his promise, he after death.

In India, holding up the little finger is also a signal of "katti" or a broken friendship, a sign that someone is angry, or a playful suggestion that the person flashing the pinky is not going to speak to you.

In India, holding up the pinky is a signal that the person has to urinate.

Similarly, in Indonesia, when a man points his pinky finger downward it is a signal that he needs to urinate.

In Turkey, it's tradition to link pinky fingers when two people are making a bet.

In Judaism, it is customary to extend one's arm and pinky finger to the Torah as it is lifted following its reading in the Synagogue.

The Iron Ring is a symbolic ring worn by some Canadian engineers. The Ring is a symbol of both pride and humility for the engineering profession, and is always worn on the little finger of the dominant hand. (A similar ritual is performed in the United States called the Order of the Engineer).

In the Balkans, a solitary long fingernail on the pinky finger of a man signifies that he is single.

The Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority holds their pinky finger in the air as a (Greek) greeting to their fellow sisters.

In Russia, when two people are French-kissing, it is customary to often link pinky fingers together.

In the United Kingdom, it used to be considered a social requirement to raise one's little finger whilst drinking a beverage out of a cup or mug.
That you're human, at least physically.
I do the same thing. I've done it since I as very young. I'm sure that is has nothing to do with being a priss, because I'm a 'Tomboy'. The really funny thing is, I just had a son a year ago, and he does the exact same thing. AND HE'S ONLY 1. I'm absolutly positive that he doesn't know he's doing it. I almost think that is has something to do with the tendends in our hands. When I type, it sticks out, when I'm drinking, eating, or holding just about anything. My husband always thinks he's catching me do it, but I can't stop. Even when I think about putting it down, the second I'm not thinking about it, it pops back up. FUNNY STUFF
To each his own. As long as you don't spill, that would be a bigger embarrassment than a tiny pinkie pose.

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