Why do people put others down?

2 examples I dont understand-

Why people put down others who they think are inferior to them in some way wether it be financially, lookswise, religion etc

Why people put down others who they are jealous of or they think are better than themselves yet they say bad things about the person?

I never understood this. Ive always wanted to build someone up regardless of their circumstances or looks. I dont judge that stuff, why do other people?

Why would someone go out their way to 'bring another person down', how do they get enjoyment out of that?

it comes from insecurities, they feel down themselves so to make themselves feel better they knock other people down. they feel bigger then, or if they are in a relationship they feel like they have control of the other person and make them insecure so they wont leave.

if it's a group of people bringing one person down, it's to look big in front of the other people, BUT it just means they are smaller.

The race, religion thing i think is just from lack of understanding and only seeing things in the way in which they were brought up, or the beliefs they have.
Simple. People just can't stand to see others SHINE... You keep on shining no matter what !!!
I think the reason this happens is because they have to knock someone else down to build themselves up. In grade school, if you can get your friends to laugh when you make fun of someone, you start thinking you're pretty cool. Unfortunately, that carries on and some people never grow up. I always want to take the side of the underdog...they are usually alot nicer and have more to offer than the jerk who puts them down.
My experience has been that those who put others down, are underneath very insecure. They feel that when they put someone down that that makes them appear superior. When in fact it shows that they are inferior.
You've answered your question: because of jealousy. and one more thing is ENVY and SELFISHNESS. They want themselves be on top that's why they are putting others down.
you ask, a great?,... an relay i dint think any one know why, but the one doing it, i my guess, would be to make them self fig important.are to get othe to see them,, their a old saying the wheel, that make the most noise ,get the oil,, i my self would never , put any one down, for word do hurt
It is essentially out of a person's own insecurities. By palying the person down - Finacially or otherwise, he is trying to justify his own inability to come to a higher level in terms of money, social standing or likewise without the person knowing that the guy on top has put more efforts, more hardwork & more sacrifices to be where he is. The loser tries to be more morally upright .
I believe that if other's are trying to pull you down, enjoy the attention that you are on the way to better things.
i am the same way. i am not sure, except i think some people are actually raised this way. usually theyre parents will be really messed up. i met a few people like this and got to know them. they have BIG issues with their parents. their parents usually feel bad about themselves and build the kids up to be tyrants by using a lot of lies and pressure. the kids want to stay on top somehow and feel in control so they dominate other kids, just like their parents dominate them. a lot of sadness in those type of homes.
My thoughts are that people who go out of their way to put others down; they want to bring that person down to their level. They don't feel good about themselves and are jealous. So they make fun or ridicule others to in some sick way make themselves feel better. It must really suck to be them, they must be miserable to spend any amount of time trying to make others feel bad, or judging others is a total waste of useful energy. God bless****
Because, they think that they can never achieve what you can... They want to be that someone. They want to look like that someone... If ever they find a weakness... They will feel good about it and think... "Hey we are not different... he is a klutz, too!" They are like people who never became who they can be... they lost their potential when they put barriers... They are the ones who stopped themselves... and since they can't you can't too... but once you do... they will look for something bad about the person...
Your perspective is only realized by a few... Just be that way, because people like them need your help... Once you show them they can do it... they will do it... if they see that they are worth more... they will feel and act like it... but until that time... they will still be complacent...
What you are is great! Do not mind the people who bring others down... because it is part of your own greatness that they will follow after you, so hold on to it... you will eventually bring them to release their light within...

Hope this helps... ;-)
most of it is what they were taught by their parents and others around them while growing up.

Yes it is. many seem to think they are better than most oithers and have to belittle others to prove it to themselves.
Yes!! They Do It To Raise Themselves Up The Cheap Way!! People Are Very Jealous!! Even Of Avatars!! Nuts? Raise as Many people Up as will Let You, Darlin' !! Don't Stop!! Rise Above It!! @8-)
I understand exactly what you are stating. I have always wondered why as well, even though I have a theory, it still amazes me that people can be so rude and mean to others. But I think you are correct when you refered to people putting down others because they are jealous of them. I think it actually goes a lot deeper than that. I think that sometimes people who are very insecure will put others down because it redirects the focus onto someone else and takes it away from their own shortcomings. Also, I feel that when people put others down, sometimes it makes them feel superior to some degree. What I mean is that when they are making someone else feel bad about something, it probably makes themselves feel like they are "better" than the person they are putting down. It probably keeps them going day to day, so they won't have to confront their own shortcomings and insecurities. Does any of that make sense? I think it is so very sad. Just like you, I also like to try to always make a positive difference with each person I'm with. I will make a point of saying something nice to them, compliment them on something, or something like that. I like to make people feel happy inside. I like to know that they can feel comfortable when around me.

Anyway, it's nice to know there are others out there who feel the same way I do about this.
i wounder why but ,it all started in d begining when God created man,when d devil saw dat man was created great he found a way of bring man down.dont worry if any body is trying to put u down becose God has got ur back, his going to watch ur back everyday.

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