Why can't you hear yourself snore?

Usually you are correct, but sometimes I hear the last bust when waking abruptly. Not awakened by the noise but gasping for breath. After all that is exactly what snoring is, blocked air passage
Because you're asleep, and if hearing yourself snore wakes you up you stop snoring (because you're awake) and don't realize that's what woke you up.
cuz your asleep,
you can`t hear anything when your asleep.
I can hear myself snore...it will wake me up like if I do a piggy..snore...like...snrk snerk...then Im there like.."damn was that me??"
Because you snore while you are asleep! But you can certainly wake yourself up snoring, because I have done it. I was aware that I had been snoring, so I must have either heard it as I was waking, or the way it felt (the feel of the snore) woke me up. I don't usually snore, (I have been told), so it was weird to awaken and know that I had been snoring.
Your not listening.
You actually can. I've woken myself up once from my own snoring. Another time I woke myself up from my own laughing (due to something in a dream).

Our ears continue to function, but our conscious mind lies dormant. As such, we might not be able to pay attention to, and remember, our own snoring.
I hear mine when I'm only half asleep.

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